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The Shangqiu First People's Hospital Honors Chinese Model Workers

The Shangqiu First People's Hospital Honors Chinese Model Workers
Release time:2021-12-30 11:32:09 Source:CRI Online

In the afternoon of July 20, the Shangqiu First People's Hospitalin Henan Province convenedto honor Chinese model workers. Han Chuan'en, Secretary of the CPC Committee of Shangqiu First People's Hospital and President of the hospital, stated that the event was intended to promote the dedication of model workers and drive innovation. He hoped that more would learn from these exemplary individuals. Moreover, the hospital should comprehensively enhance pandemic prevention and control as well as improve its daily operation and treatment.Prioritieslikesafe productionmust beimplemented to make sure the smooth operation of thewhole-year workload.

The Shangqiu First People

Zhang Weihua tells his own stories of dedication as a model worker. (Photo by Zhao Mei)

During the event, Zhang Weihua, Head of theInternalMedical Department and the Second Ward of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine Department at the Shangqiu First People's Hospital, NationalAdvanced Worker, shared his own stories of dedication in the past 36 years as a medical professional.

Zhangis devoted to his work and has led his team in developing new businesses, improvingthe developmentof respiratory diseasesresearchin Shangqiu City and East Henan at largeaswell asthe treatment of patients.As the leader of Shangqiu's ExpertMedical Team againstCOVID-19, he shoulderedheavy responsibility and made great contributions. He has been fighting on the frontline againstCOVID-19 to ensure the health and safety of the public.

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A delegate speaks at the conference. (Photo by Wang Lu)

All the participants praised Zhang Weihua as the exemplary representative of medical workers, whosestories of dedicationandnoblevirtuesare impressive and inspiring. Theyclaim to learn from Zhang infuturedaily workand implement thespirit ofrespecting life,helping theinjured, dedication and selflessness,to make contribution to the steadinessand harmoniousdevelopment of the Shangqiu First People's Hospital. (Written by Li Penghui)

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