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Summer grain output hits record high in China's Henan

Summer grain output hits record high in China's Henan
Release time:2022-07-21 11:22:49 Source:Xinhua

Summer grain output hits record high in China\

A drone is used to manage a wheat field in Lizhuang Village, Senggu Township, Yanjin County of Xinxiang City, central China's Henan Province, May 17, 2022.(Xinhua/Zhang Haoran)

ZHENGZHOU, July 20 (Xinhua) -- The summer grain output in China's major food-producing province Henan reached a historic high of over 38.13 billion kg this year, local authorities said on Wednesday.

The figure also represents an annual increase of 0.3 percent, said the Henan provincial government information office at a press briefing.

The total area growing summer crops in Henan reached nearly 85.26 million mu (about 5.68 million hectares) in 2022, according to the Henan Survey Organization National Bureau of Statistics Information Network.

Henan's total growing area and output of summer crops continue to rank first in China, it added.

China's total grain output consists of three parts -- early rice, summer grain and autumn production. Summer grain is the first season of the annual grain production cycle.

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